Bark Mulch- Revelations Lawn Care will deliver & install premium bark mulch.
Bark Mulch installation includes edging of all ornamental beds. Bark mulch is typically installed at a depth of two to three inches. We carry premium double ground dark bark mulch, red dyed bark chips and dyed black bark chips.

Ornamental Bed Edging- Revelations Lawn Care will professionally edge all ornamental beds.

Ornamental Bed Weeding- Revelations Lawn Care will weed all ornamental beds on a bi-weekly basis.

Shrub Trimming- Revelations Lawn Care will professionally trim and shape all shrubs and plantings. All clippings will be removed.

Lawn Seeding- Revelations Lawn Care uses the highest quality profession seed. Your lawn will be evaluated to determine what seed mix is proper for the area being seeded. We will prepare any areas that need seeding including the addition of topsoil. Revelations Lawn Care uses a machine (a renovator) to seed. This machine sows the seed directly into the soil as to provide the best soil to seed contact. Proper soil-to-seed contact is vital to have the greatest germination rate. All costs are for the seeding and preparation of the area to be seeded. Revelations Lawn Care can not provide a guarantee on the results of the seeding due to variables such as proper watering and weather.