Proper lawn mowing is essential to a healthy lawn. Lawns that are mown properly have fewer weeds and have better drought stress tolerance. Proper mowing basically consists of three things, proper mowing height, mowing with a sharp blade, and proper mowing frequency. Most lawns in our area consist of Kentucky bluegrass, rye grass, and fine fescue. Proper mowing height for these three grasses is two and a half to three inches. Revelations Lawn Care mows all of our lawns at a height of three inches throughout the spring and summer months. Mowing with a sharp blade is a very important part of proper lawn care. When a lawn is mowed the plant itself is damaged and the plant must repair the damage that has occurred. Your lawn uses water and fertilizer to repair this damage. Mowing with a sharp blade reduces the stress on the plant thus reducing the need for water and fertilizer.

Revelation Lawn Care sharpens its blades on a daily basis guaranteeing you a sharp clean cut every time. The final ingredient in proper mowing is how frequently your lawn is mowed. Scientific studies in plant health have shown that no more than one-third of the leaf blade should be removed at one time. If a lawn is kept at a height of three inches you should mow your lawn when it reaches a height of four to four and a half inches. A typical lawn that is properly fertilized and watered will grow between one and three inches in a week. Revelations Lawn Care mows all of our customers on a weekly basis to provide them with the highest quality of cut.

When choosing a lawn care company, it is vital to choose a company that is going to do what is right for your lawn. Proper lawn mowing is essential to having the thick, green lawn, you want. Revelations Lawn Care mows every lawn we maintain on a weekly basis at the proper height and with a sharp blade. Does your lawn care company do that?