Lawn Dethatching

Thatch is a layer of dead, decaying roots that build up between the soil and the plant itself. A layer of thatch is wanted in your lawn, typically between ¼” and ½”. The problem occurs when too much thatch builds up in your lawn. A thick layer of thatch prohibits fertilizer, water and air from reaching the root systems of your lawn.

Revelations Lawn Care uses a dethatching machine to remove the excess thatch in your lawn. Many companies will rake your lawn or use a spring rake to dethatch your lawn. Both these methods do not adequately remove thatch from your lawn. A dethatching machine not only removes thatch but will also remove dead materials that accumulate above the thatch layer. Revelations Lawn Care recommends dethatching your lawn every year, so if your lawn hasn’t been dethatched in a few years you should think about having it done. Lawn dethatching is of great benefit to your lawn and helps keep it healthy and green throughout the year.